• Your safety is our top priority!

    We frequently sanitize our equipment and facilities to ensure your visit is 100% safe.

    What is CRivera Skin Clinic?

    Medical office focused on aesthetic medicine treatments with high quality products, practiced by a certified doctor.


    Consultorio especializado de medicina estética

    Knowledge that builds confidence and enhance your beauty

    We know how important is for you to make a medical-aesthetic procedure, therefore, we make your decision ours.

    We believe our patients deserve to be informed, by sharing details about our treatments, we will help you to take an informed choice.

  • Most popular treatments

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    Wrinkle treatment - Botox®

    Wrinkle-relaxing based in Botulinum toxin (Botox) helps smoothing facial expression lines resulting in a youthful look. Out doctor will be focused in creating a natural and personalized treatment for you.

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    Body Mesotherapy

    Body mesotherapy Is an enzymatic treatment performed by intradermal injections, effective to improve tonicity and hydration of the skin, fight cellulite and accumulated fat deposits in specific areas, activate blood circulation and promote the elimination of toxins.

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    Protein Intake Diet

    Treatment that consists in maintain the right protein percentage, essential for the proper work of our body. It is a progressive treatment that leads to an effective loss of fat mass and weight.